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Tips To Treat Your Fallen Arch

Flat feet are a common occurrence, often resulting from a fallen arch. Unlike with normal feet, when standing, the foot rolls inwards, causing the entire sole to touch, or come close to, touching the ground. Causes of Fallen Arches While many patients suffer from congenital flat feet, […]

The Issue With Flat Feet

Flat feet often result from a collapsed arch. When standing, the sole of your foot should not touch the ground completely. However, with a fallen arch, your foot rolls inwards causing your entire sole to touch, or come close to, touching the ground. The Issue with Flat […]

Understanding Flat Feet

While you may not have heard of the term, flat feet is a very common foot condition that affects about 25% of the nation. Flat feet is a result of a collapsed arch where the whole sole of your foot touches the ground when it […]

Flat Feet Treatment

Although there is no true cure for flat feet and you may have had it all of your life, there are still ways to prevent the complications flat feet brings. There are several different things you can do in order to strengthen your feet and […]

Suffering From Flat Feet?

There are a variety of reasons why a person may have flat feet. In fact, about 20% of adults have flat feet. From tight tendons, to bone deformities, to obesity, there are many factors that can cause flat feet in adults. Regardless of the reason […]