Sometimes, you may develop a condition that cannot be healed without the need for invasive surgery. Surgery is not a consideration that should be taken lightly. Therefore, it’s important to visit a podiatrist who knows when is the appropriate time to consider a surgical procedure for your condition.

Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois prides themselves on being conservative when it comes to treatment and surgical options, and prefer treatments using minimally invasive procedures. However, there may be occasions in which surgery may be the best viable option in order to properly and effectively treat your foot condition. Our team is able to perform a number of foot and ankle surgeries. However, we will source out directly to the hospital depending on your condition to ensure you’re getting accurate and results-oriented care. Additionally, our team is specializes in surgical options for foot care.

What Types Of Surgery Does FASI Offer?

Our patients are our top priority, therefore, we put in the time to understand our patient’s needs and complaints to ensure they are receiving top tier care. Whether we are performing surgical procedures in office, or outsourcing to the hospital, we guide our patients on a path to recovery. Here are some surgical options that we offer:

  • Foot Surgery
  • Warts
  • Hammertoes
  • Flat Feet
  • Pain and Deformities

If surgery has been determined by you and Dr. Hyderi to be the best course of action, Dr. Hyderi will ensure that you are well-informed during the entire process, from the point of evaluation to your pre-op, to your post-operative care.

When Should I Consider Surgery?

Although surgery can be used to correct a painful condition, it is important to review all of your options before committing to an invasive procedure. There are a number of conservative treatment options for bunions, warts, and the like. Our team of experts can help you assess your available options based on your symptoms and condition.

How Much Downtime Should I Expect?

As each person and each condition is unique, recovery times will differ for everyone. By adhering to our doctor’s post-op instructions you can ensure a proper recovery. However, with Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois, you can rest assured that you are being taken care of.

Our Team is Ready to Support You With Conservative Treatments and Surgical Options

Our specialized team is standing by to guide you through your personalized treatment plan. Whether that involves surgery, or not, our experts are uniquely qualified to deliver you results. Only our team can give you the comprehensive care you’re looking for. Contact us today, we’re ready to answer any questions about your condition or treatment options.


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