Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is the band of tissue that connects your calf muscles to your heel bone. Achilles tendinitis is caused by repetitive strain or overuse.  This tendon is critically important to your mobility, you use it every time you walk, run, jump, or push up on your toes. The Achilles tendon is susceptible to wear and tear with age, meaning you are more prone to injury. People who participate in sports only on occasion or who those who suddenly increase the intensity of their workouts are at a higher risk of Achilles injury. This injury is accompanied by a dull and persistent ache down the back of the leg or heel, with occasional stiffness. The pain will get worse as you perform exercises and strain the tendon.

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Achilles Tendonitis Risk factors

Anyone can experience Achilles tendonitis, but there are a number of factors that may put you at a higher risk, including:

Your sex: Achilles tendinitis occurs most commonly in men.

Age: tendinitis is more common as you get older.

Physical risks: Naturally flat arches, obesity, and/or tight calf muscles also can lead to tendonitis.

Exercise Conditions: Improper or worn-out footwear can increase your risk of Achilles tendinitis. Running in cold weather can increase your risk of injury as well as running on incline terrain.

Medical conditions: psoriasis or high blood pressure can increase the risk of developing Achilles tendinitis.

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