Sever’s Disease

Sever’s disease is a painful condition the develops in the heel of children while they are still growing. The tendon that attaches to the back of the heel pulls on the growth plate of the bone of the heel when moving or playing sports. The repeated stress causes pain and inflammation in the heel. While this condition is known to be very painful, it shouldn’t cause long-term damage or arthritis and often resolves once the growth plates close.

Dr. Hyderi and the team at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois are here to help patients and their children with everything foot and ankle-related. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or notice issues developing, it is always a good idea to have your concerns addressed by a member of our team. We can offer treatment methods or at the very least, useful advice to reduce pain and restore quality of life!

Sever’s Disease Symptoms

Children who are physically active and between the ages of 8 and 14 are most likely to experience this condition. Boys are more likely to develop this condition due to their involvement in sports, with as many as 60% of cases experiencing pain in both heels. This pain is often made worse due to periods of intense physical activity or if you are born with tight Achilles tendons.

  • Heel pain, which often comes and goes
  • Pain that worsens with activity
  • Pain made worse by running or jumping
  • Experience pain when applying pressure on the heel
  • Pain is worse in the mornings 

Sever’s Disease Treatment Options

There are a few at-home treatments you can try to relieve some of the day to day pain, such as:

Get Your Rest

Limit your physical activity as soon as you start to feel pain. Allow plenty of time for inflammation to subside and the tissue to repair.

Cold Compress

Place an ice pack or other cold compress on the heel after periods of activity or as the pain worsens. Do not place directly on the skin, separate with a cloth or material layer.

Anti-Inflammatory Medicines

There are over-the-counter options such as ibuprofen or naproxen that can be used as needed for pain and inflammation. Always read the directions on the bottle to give the correct dosage.

Specialized Treatment

If the previous methods have not alleviated your child’s pain, speak to the experts at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois about the following  treatment  options:

Specialized Footwear

Wearing shoes that provide adequate support can make a significant difference. Speak to one of our specialists about proper footwear, insoles, or protective inserts that can reduce the pressure being placed on the heel!

Therapeutic Stretches

Stretching can relieve a lot of tension on the tendon and joints in the feet and ankles. Our specialists can guide you through an effective assortment of stretches and how to properly execute each stretch for maximum results. 


As with any condition, the treatment requirements are unique to the individual’s condition. The best course of action is always to consult with a professional who can provide you with useful insights and therapy options.

Sever’s Disease Treatment Available in Algonquin, Illinois

If you have questions about sever’s disease or the available treatment options, call our offices or schedule a consultation online today! Dr. Hyderi and the team of experts at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois are standing by to help with all of your foot and ankle-related concerns.


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