Technology is constantly advancing, becoming more user-friendly and efficient by the day. It is opening new doors for the way that people reach emergency personnel and receive medical advice. Your smartphone is packed with features that make it an incredibly powerful tool. Why not utilize this technology to connect you to your medical practitioner? Virtual visits, or telemedicine appointments, allow you to receive a diagnosis of your foot & ankle condition from the comfort of your own home.

Foot & Ankle Specialist Of Illinois is proud to offer our patients telemedicine, providing virtual services that are unparalleled. Through this virtual service, we aim to present an efficient and accurate diagnosis of foot and ankle related ailments. After a successful diagnosis, we can begin preparing treatment methods and have them ready for you when you visit our clinic.

The Benefit of Choosing a Telemedicine Appointment

Telehealth has changed the ways a patient receive a consultation for foot and ankle conditions. The stress and anxiety related to traveling for a doctor’s visit, or even just sitting in a waiting room are reduced by having the ability to receive medical attention from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, telemedicine takes the stress off of health care by reducing the number of people in waiting rooms. There are many benefits to this form of medical attention:

  • Cost-efficient in that you save money in travel expenses
  • Time-efficient in that less time is spent waiting in an office or traveling
  • Beneficial for older or immobilized adults who have a difficult time getting to appointments

With telemedicine, patients no longer have to take time out of their already busy schedules to complete long drives to a doctor’s office, endure long wait times, and miss work or family time.

Connect With Our Medical Professionals From Your Smartphone, Laptop, etc!

At Foot & Ankle Specialist Of Illinois, we offer a comprehensive telemedical diagnosis service that examines your foot and ankle health. If you’re suffering from a foot or ankle injury, skin condition, pain, or discomfort, you may qualify for telemedicine. We’re here to find the source of your pain and provide a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.

Need to Speak With a Specialist? Book Your Telemedicine Appointment at Foot & Ankle Specialist of Illinois Today!

Speak with one of our specialists about a telemedicine appointment and if it is right for you. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. To learn more about our telemedicine process or to schedule an appointment, contact our team today.


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