Compression Stockings

The team at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois is comprised of expert podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons, proudly offering our patients the comprehensive care they need! Our team utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to fully understand your condition and offer you the best treatment possible. If you are experiencing circulatory issues in your feet or legs, we can have you fitted for compression stockings, designed specifically for you!

What Are Compression Stockings?

Compression stockings are medical garments that apply pressure to the feet and legs. They come in multiple variations, such as graduated stockings, which are tightest around the ankle and begin to ease up higher on the leg. Stocking can also be purchased in sleeve-only versions that just affect the leg.

Who Are Compression Stockings Useful For?

  • People with circulation problems, such as:
    • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
    • Varicose veins
    • Diabetes
  • Post-surgery patients
  • Bedridden or immobile patients
  • Athletes
  • Pregnant women

How do They Work?

The pressure these stockings put on your legs improves the function of blood vessels and arteries. The additional pressure takes a burden off of your veins and arteries, allowing easier, more free-flowing circulation. Although pressure might sound restricting, it creates an even, uniform pressure across the entire leg that creates a type of equilibrium. 

Compression stockings can prevent tired and achy feelings in your legs while also easing swelling in your feet and ankles. Stockings are a highly useful form of therapy for treating spider and varicose veins. 

The increased circulation prevents blood from pooling, effectively decreasing the risk of blood clots. Blood clots can have dire consequences if they form or end up in the wrong part of the body. They also seriously impact your circulation, which will be evident in the form of discoloration and swelling

What Kinds of Compression Stockings are There?

Socks and sleeves come in different lengths and variations, each designed to help patients with different needs. The typical version extends just below the knee, however, some people may require thigh-high stockings. There are also different compression ratings, with mild being the most comfortable throughout the day and higher numbers to prevent conditions such as DVT. 

Thrombo-embolic deterrent (TED) or anti-embolism stockings, are designed for patients post-surgery recovery when you spend extended periods in bed. If you can stand and move around, graduated compression stockings are better.

Generic stockings are widely available but if you need the stockings for medical reasons, your best option will always be to have a doctor measure your legs and prescribe the correct size and compression rating.

Compression Stocking Therapy in Algonquin, Illinois

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