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Samantha M.

Great doctor. I've been seeing her for 2 years and have had 2 surgeries with her. The first to remove a cyst from the top of my foot and the most recent to repair 2 torn tendons in my ankle and to remove a bone spur from my ankle. Both surgeries went great and I was headed home within hours of waking up. The care given by all members of the staff is wonderful and they do their best to make sure all your questions are answered and any concerns are met.

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Delaney U.

Everyone we spoke to both in person and on the phone was super friendly and good at their jobs! The doctor was wonderful and both the doctor and the nurse helped calm down my anxious husband before he had his ingrown nail procedure. The nurse was funny and the receptionist was sweet. My husband and I would both definitely recommend them because they are all wonderful. 🙂

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Todd G.

Been going to Foot and Ankle specialists for plantar fasciitis and these folks are one great medical specialist. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable in a very professional office.

The doctor is amazing and such a great experience every time I have visited. Her positive attitude and bedside manner is second to none. Not often you find a doctor with such an all-around great experience. Big thank you for the care from their team!

If your experiencing issues with your feet ... no doubt about it ... two big thumbs up from me!

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Katrine P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hyderi's since 2012, and have always experienced the best of care. As I have several complicating factors, there have been many challenges which have tested Dr. Hyderi's skills, but every challenge has been overcome, every single time. Besides her exemplary skills, Dr. Hyderi has always treated me with respect, and because of that, I find that I am more likely to be compliant than I am with other physicians. I trust her, but she also trusts me.

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Brenda V.

Beautiful, clean and modern office with excellent patient care both by the front office and nurses. The doctor is very personable and thorough. They bill properly and even help you save money by recommending OTC products or specialty pharmacies. I highly recommend this doctor and her staff.

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Dan M.

Dr. Hyderi is AMAZING. The staff is great, the place is beautiful. Thank you so much for the high service and taking care of me. HIGHLY recommended and for sure the place you want to go if you have podiatry issues! She even helped me with another medical issue. God bless Dr. Hyderi and her team! 🙂

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Nancy E.

Dr. Hyderi and her staff are very thorough, kind, and knowledgeable! You can see the dynamics of their working relationship and how they support each other and have fun at the same time!! 5 Stars!!!

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Francine M.

Staff is excellent and friendly. Dr Hyderi operated on my left foot. I have no pain or discomfort . Surgery was a breeze. I highly recommend Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois.

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Lance B.

I love Dr. Hyderi!
After going to another clinic for 8 months that never took an x-ray when I complained of foot pain - they just felt it was plantar fasciitis and pumped me up with Cortisone - Dr. Hyderi x-rayed me and based on what she saw, she had me go in immediately for an MRI.
I was diagnosed with a fractured heal bone, bone spurs, a torn ligament and a torn tendon - I still remember her coming in and saying "I have no idea how you are walking". I was so relieved to finally have some answers and after some time in an air cast and physical therapy I'm now nearly pain free.
I say nearly because I just today went in and had her yank out my life-long nemesis, my in-grown toenails. The entire partial matrixectomy took like 15 mins and she kept me laughing through it I didn't even realize she had done it.
HIGHLY recommend!

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Dawn L.

Dr. Hyderi is the best out there. She is so professional and has such a great personality. Makes you very comfortable. Her staff are also the nicest people around. Highly recommend her!!!

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Eileen P.

Dr. Hyderi is not only a wise diagnostician and a skillful surgeon, she cares about her patients--and not just their feet. She finds solutions even for long term problems and searches for answers to provide the best care.

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Scott L.

Dr. Hyderi is someone who is professional, knowledgeable and a person you cares about her patients. Their state of the art facility shows her commitment to her profession and I would recommend Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois to anyone.