The Issue With Flat Feet

Flat feet often result from a collapsed arch. When standing, the sole of your foot should not touch the ground completely. However, with a fallen arch, your foot rolls inwards causing your entire sole to touch, or come close to, touching the ground.

The Issue with Flat Feet

Since your feet are the foundation for your body, if you are suffering from flat feet, then you are more susceptible to suffering from other issues throughout your skeletal structure, as well as it can cause your joints to be out of alignment.

With a fallen arch, tendons and ligaments will weaken, in turn causing intense pain in your feet, ankles, as well as the lower leg muscles. Flat feet can also cause weakened posture and discomfort through your hips and lower back.

What Causes Flat Feet?

Flat feet are not common, however, they can be hereditary and develop during childhood, especially if one’s foot arch doesn’t form. In adults, flat feet will occur when there is excessive foot stress or failure to properly treat injuries to the feet.

Treating Flat Feet

Unfortunately, flat feet will not go away on its own and without the appropriate treatment, your fallen arches will put strain and pressure on your ankles and knees, causing the tendons and ligaments connecting from your feet to your knees and hips to become stressed.

While surgery may be the only option in some’s particular case, there are several other options you can try first:

Wear the right shoes. Shoes with the right support can help to stabilize the heel. Consider shoes that are supportive and comfortable for your specific activity.

Use orthotics. Custom orthotics are designed to fit your feet and give you extra support while walking, standing, and running. Custom orthotics also help to distribute and minimize pressure in the foot by providing additional support to the arch, aiding in the realignment of your foot’s ankle joints and bones.

Use arch inserts and wraps. These will add extra support to your feet, especially if your shoes do not have sufficient arch support. They are also beneficial in helping to alleviate the pain that is experienced with flat feet.

If the above treatments are not working for you, be sure to consult with your podiatrist immediately.

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