5 Exercises To Strengthen Flat Feet

Even though you may have been born with flat feet, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer from the effects of flat feet for the rest of your life. There are many things you can do to help strengthen your flat feet, relieving the pain and discomfort and preventing further complications.

Exercise #1: Toe Spreads 

Sit, stand, or lie down, spreading your toes out as much as they can, creating a space between each toe. Hold this position for ten seconds, repeating the exercise ten times a day with each foot.

Exercise #2: Toe Points

Pick an object in the room and point your toes at it. Flex your foot, holding it for five seconds, and then release. Do this ten times a day with each foot. For an added workout, trace the alphabet with your feet, raised in mid-air.

Exercise #3: Walk On Your Toes

Stand on your tippy-toes, walking around and ensuring your heels do not touch the ground. Do these for 5 minutes, every day.

Exercise #4: Walk On The Side Of Your Feet

Stand in a shoulder wide stance, bending your knees slightly, and roll onto the outside of your feet. Keep your weight on the outside of your feet, and slowly raise up on your toes. Once you feel your longitudinal arch stretching, hold that position for five seconds. Repeat this exercise five times a day, every day.

Exercise #5: Walk In The Sand

Walking barefoot in the sand is a highly effective way to strengthen your feet, especially the arch. Try to do this exercise one to two days a week, if possible.

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Written by Client