Suffering From Flat Feet?

There are a variety of reasons why a person may have flat feet. In fact, about 20% of adults have flat feet. From tight tendons, to bone deformities, to obesity, there are many factors that can cause flat feet in adults.

Regardless of the reason you may suffer from flat feet, there are several ways to help to improve your condition, including the following:

Supportive Shoes

No matter if a person is suffering from flat feet or not, it is very critical that everyone invests in a supportive shoe. It is important for people suffering from flat feet to look for a shoe that provides the right amount of support in the arches, which will help to decrease the tension in the tendons.

Custom Orthotics

While this may not be the best option for everyone, people with flat fee that spend a lot of time on their feet, whether it be walking or standing, should look into getting custom orthotics made. These shoe inserts not only support the arch, but promote better biomechanics, and provide the essential support to your other joints as well.

Lose Weight

If you are suffering from flat feet due to obesity, losing weight can greatly reduce the pressure from your tendons and ligaments, as well as your bones, helping to reduce some of the issues you may suffer from.

Perform Exercises

There are a variety of exercises that can help to alleviate tightness and stiffness in the tendons and muscles. Be sure to consult with your podiatrist in order to determine which exercises are right for your specific needs.

If you are suffering from flat feet, or any other foot and ankle issue, contact the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois for help today!

Written by Client