Common Foot Myths

Your feet and ankles play an important role in your everyday life, so it is critical that you understand what is true or not when it comes to their care. Here are some of the most common foot myths, and the truths behind them: Myth: […]

Corns: How to Treat Them

Corns, like calluses, can be found on other areas of the body, but are most commonly located in areas where there is not a lot of weight bearing or in response to constant friction, such as on the hands and feet. What Are Corns? Corns […]

Calluses: How to Treat Them

Calluses are most often found on people’s feet, and commonly results from inappropriate footwear. Whether you wear high heels, or shoes that are too tight for your feet and putting pressure onto the toes and the ball of the feet. Here is some helpful information […]