What Do You Do When Your Child Experiences a Sports Related Injury?

With the fall season often comes a time when many kids will find themselves enjoying organized athletics. From soccer to football, to hockey, there are a variety of athletic activities that your child may be participating in.

What happens when your child gets injured?

Since nobody wants to see an active child stop being active, especially when they are so involved in athletic activities, it may be hard to decide how to treat your child without allowing them to participate or be a kid.

Not only do parents fear that if their child is injured they will fall behind in sports, or are unable to support the team, but they also worry about the ability of their child being able to properly rest.

While it may be true that their sport’s related injury will require them to rest to heal, depending on the child’s specific condition, they may not be required to stop activity entirely.

Can your injured child still stay active when injured?

In fact, most recovery programs from sport’s related injuries require that patients, no matter their age, engage in exercise when they are approved to do so. These exercises and activities, however, may need to be modified or adjusted, or may even be a different form of exercise than they are used to.

For example, if your child has experienced a stress fracture in their ankle, your child will not be allowed to hit the field. However, they will be encouraged to participate in activities such as swimming or cycling, which both have less of an impact on the feet and ankles, but can help to strengthen them.

Whether it be physical therapy, or rest, or a combination of treatments, your child’s podiatrist will help you and your child to develop an activity program that will be effective for their particular recovery needs.

Treating and recovering from a sports-related injury is not easy for your child, but Dr. Hyderi and the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois are here to help. Contact us for more information today!

Written by Client