Ensuring Your Children Have Healthy Feet This School Year

With the beginning of a new school year, many parents and children focus on all the necessary school supplies and brand new clothes that are needed. However, it is as equally important to ensure you are getting your child checked out by their healthcare professional before school starts.

Not only do these check-ups help to ensure your child is healthy, it is also a good way to prevent any future medical issues from occurring. This check-up should also include a visit to the podiatrist to determine if your child’s feet and ankles are healthy and developing properly.

What does the podiatrist look for?

Since kids are constantly growing and developing, especially in the early years of life, it is important to ensure they are developing properly. Many kids will have a huge growth spurt, growing as many as 6 inches in a few months, but how does that growth spurt affect their feet? Not only can their feet get bigger and require larger shoes, but it can also mean major changes in their foot and arch types.

What is the importance of a proper foot check?

It is vital that we keep an eye on our child’s feet as they are growing, keeping a continuous watch on some conditions, determining if it is something they can naturally grow out or something that will require a treatment plan. So whether your child walks on their toes or has a pigeon-toed gate pattern, there are conditions in which a podiatrist should oversee your child’s foot and ankle concerns.

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Written by Client