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Preventing Foot Issues During The Summer Time

Summer time usually means there is more time for going outside and being active, and with this also comes a higher risk of foot injuries. Foot injuries and infections that could occur from a higher rate of physical activity in the warm weather include but are not

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How to Prevent Marathon Feet

Summer is when people typically spend more time getting physical activity outdoors. Many people participate in marathons during the warm season, and running in these races can result in major foot pain. A condition known as “marathon feet” is common to runners who do not prepare their

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Understanding How You Can Prevent Diabetic Foot

People that suffer from diabetes are at a high risk for suffering from diabetic foot conditions. These issues can occur when there are increased blood sugar levels, which causes poor circulation in the foot, or neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy can cause the loss of sensation in the feet, often causing

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