Should I See a Podiatrist for Chronic Foot Pain?

Can I Go To A  Podiatrist for Chronic Foot Pain? 

The feet are the foundation of our health and well-being, yet many of us take them for granted. Foot pain is one of the most common complaints among people of all ages. Yet, many of us ignore it, assuming it’s just a passing nuisance. Chronic foot pain can often be a sign of a larger problem that requires professional care. So, if you’ve been struggling, should you see a podiatrist for chronic foot pain?

Foot pain can occur for many reasons, including physical activity, poor posture, and certain medical conditions. The severity of the pain can be reliant on the underlying cause. If you’re experiencing persistent foot pain, it’s essential to determine the cause and take the necessary steps to treat it. In most cases, a visit to a DPM is the best course of action.

Many of you may be wondering, “what is a DPM?” or “where can I find a foot specialist near me?” You’re in luck. This article will cover all your questions, including why you should see a podiatrist for chronic foot pain. 

foot injuryWhat Constitutes Chronic Foot Pain?

Chronic foot pain is characterized by long-lasting discomfort experienced in the feet. It is more common in adults but can affect anybody, including the elderly and children. There are several causes for chronic foot pain, including certain medical conditions, impact injuries, wearing uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes, diseases, and nerve issues. Many people experience chronic foot pain due to overuse from excessive activity, putting stress on their feet. When experiencing chronic foot pain, individuals may feel swelling, stiffness, and limited range of motion in their feet. In some cases, the pain may become severe enough to make it difficult to walk, stand, or perform everyday activities.

Common Symptoms & Treatments

The common symptoms of chronic foot pain include burning, tingling, or aches that can radiate throughout the foot, pain when standing, difficulty walking, and an increase in pain with time. Depending on the cause of the foot pain, treatment may include the use of pain medications, steroid injections, or physical therapy. As well, wearing supportive shoes that fit properly and have quality arch support can play an integral role in reducing pain and discomfort. Finally, simple home care techniques can be used to reduce inflammation and improve overall foot health. These techniques include using warm compresses, trying ice therapy, and using over-the-counter treatments.

Chronic foot pain can often be alleviated with lifestyle adjustments, supportive footwear, and medication. However, it is vital to receive an evaluation from a certified medical professional, like a DPM. They can confirm the proper diagnosis and proceed with an appropriate treatment plan. But now some of you may be wondering, “what is a DPM?”

Flat feetWhat Is a DPM?

DPM is an abbreviation for a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. It is the most advanced degree available in the field of podiatric studies. It focuses on treating disorders and diseases relating to the lower extremities, specifically the foot and ankle area. Podiatrists are medical professionals specializing in diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases and disorders related to the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Those who wish to pursue a DPM are required to have a completed degree in any field of study, typically a BSc, that enables advanced study in the field of podiatric medicine.

A doctor of podiatric medicine first starts by obtaining a degree in podiatric medicine. Then, they obtain licensure to practice. Along with the standard medical education, a podiatrist taking the DPM course will also gain additional studies in the areas of forefoot and rearfoot surgery, advanced radiology, nutrition, pharmacology, wound care, orthotics and prosthetics, and research. Once the course is completed, the individual can refer to themselves as a doctor of podiatric medicine and will gain advanced skills in any of the areas referenced above.

What Does A DPM Do?

Apart from treating regular conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower leg, a doctor of podiatric medicine can assist specialized cases such as athletes with sports-related injuries, arthritic patients, diabetic patients with neuropathy or poor circulation and ulcerations, or individuals with deformities. They also provide preventative care to help protect the feet from injury.

Overall, a doctor of podiatric medicine is an expert in the field of podiatry. They have advanced knowledge and skills to efficiently diagnose, assess and treat a wide range of conditions involving the feet, ankles, and lower legs. A doctor of podiatric medicine is a specialist who can contribute to the overall well-being and health of the patient. Thus, they can ensure that problems are treated appropriately and comfortably.

chronic foot painFoot Specialist Near Me

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Written by Ali Hyderi