What You Don’t Know About Athlete’s Foot

Dealing with Athlete’s Foot is one of the more common foot problems anyone could deal with. This is a condition characterized by, redness, flaking or peeling skin on the feet and itching. If untreated the problem can be more pronounced, and could result in bleeding from the affected area. With this being a common condition, there are numerous misconceptions about it. Here are few things you might not know about Athlete’s Foot, that could be beneficial for you.

Anyone Can Get Athlete’s Foot – Athlete’s foot is a fungus that grows on your feet. The fungus is more likely to grow on feet when it remains moist, including sweaty socks for long periods of time. Feet may be exposed to this fungus while being in the showers, or even swimming pool sidewalks.

Bathing Regularly – Some may think athlete’s foot is related to poor hygiene, and they believe taking more showers will treat this condition. This fungus can be found in bathrooms. Showering in a dirty bathroom can potential cause this. Make sure bathrooms are clean, and avoid bathing in bathroom after the pool. Use an anti-fungal cream or spray that your physician gives you.

Jock Itch & Athlete’s Foot – Jock Itch and Athlete’s Foot is the same fungus, just two different names. Treatments for these conditions are usually the same. The only difference between the two is one can be located on any part of the body that the infection is present.

Cleaning your bathroom regularly and wearing the proper footwear when bathing in locker rooms and being around the pool (and the showers) will help prevent this infection.

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