Treating Painful Bunions

Bunions are common foot ailments, in which bone and soft tissue cause a deformity. With this formation, one may feel constant or relapsing pain, as well as inflammation.

While it may be best to consult with your podiatrist when suffering from a bunion, there are some things you can do to help reduce the pain:

Soak your feet. Soaking your feet in a foot spa or a basin of cool water with Epsom salts is a good way to treat sore and irritated feet.

Perform stretches. By stretching your feet and toes you can help to reduce soreness in the joints and muscles.

Wear comfortable shoes. Not only is comfort a must when wearing shoes, but the way your shoes fit is critical. From the heel, to the arch, to the toebox, every part of your shoe should be comfortable. If you are experiencing any discomfort around your bunion site, then it is probably a good idea to find a different shoe.

No heels. It is also best to avoid wearing heels, since they may be the cause of the deformity of your toes by putting unnecessary pressure on your feet.

Protect your bunion. If you feel that you may have a bunion, it is important to cushion it by placing moleskin or other support cushioning around your bunion. This will help to reduce the pain and aggravation of the bunion.

You may also try a bunion relief splint or a toe spacer, which can help to reduce pain and inflammation by reducing the stress on your toes.

Try a topical analgesic. Topical analgesic contains ingredients that cause a cooling sensation, which may help to soothe irritation due to bunions, as well as block pain signals.

If you need help deciding what is best for treating your painful bunion, contact the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois for more information today!

Written by Client