Tips For Caring For Your Feet This Winter

Dropping temperatures can wreak havoc on your feet, especially since your feet contain a blood supply that is affected by climate changes. And since December is right around the corner, it is important to that you start preparing your feet for the dry, cold winter months.

Here are some things you can do at home to ensure you are properly caring for your feet this winter:

1. Remove your polish. Removing nail polish and applying a fresh coat can maintain the amount of bacteria and fungal hibernating underneath, so why not give your toenails a breather and remove your polish.

2. Clean under your toenails. By using an old soft toothbrush, you can remove debris and dead skin from under your toenails.

3. Restore damaged toenails. Use a nail oil with added anti-fungal properties, like tea tree oil, to promote and restore healthy toenails.

4. Wear shoes that have the appropriate amount of room. Shoes with a deep toe box is vital to the ultimate foot comfort, which in turn will ensure you feet are not cramped, which essential to their health.

5. Get rid of cold feet. A good way to restore the heat in your feet is to use a foot cream, rubbing it in circular motions from the heel up. This will warm and moisturize your feet.

6. Get rid of dry feet. The use of olive oil and sea salt can help to replenish the skin of lost moisture, as well as remove layers of dead skin. Be sure to moisturize daily, especially after bathing.

7. Care for your athletic feet. Do you tend to get itchy feet from sweat after your workouts? Then try a warm water soak with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for 10 minutes, which can help with fatigued feet, fungal toenails and athlete’s foot. However, if your feet have open wounds, cuts, or you are diabetic, this is not suitable for you.

If you are experiencing any discomfort, or aches and pains that you cannot get rid of, then contact the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois for help today!


Written by Client