Tips for Back-to-School Shoe Shopping

There are many items on the back-to-school shopping list for your child, one of these items being shoes. Whether you are purchasing shoes for your child’s P.E. class, or for everyday footwear, it is important to find high quality, properly fitted shoes. There are some key factors to consider when looking for the perfect pair of shoes, that will ultimately help prevent common foot injuries.

The following things should be taken into consideration while determining what back-to-school shoes you should purchase for your child:

Measure both of your child’s feet– It is rare for the left and right foot to be the exact same size. It is best to measure both feet and shop for the larger foot size.

Use the toe test– Push your thumb on the front tip of your child’s shoe as your child stands up with both feet on the floor. It is important to be sure that there is around half an inch of space between the front end of the shoe and your child’s longest toe.

Determine if the shoes are too big– While your child sits down with both feet dangling, carefully pull a shoe down towards the ground. If the shoe your child is wearing slides down their heel or comes down completely, then that is an indicator that the size is too big.

Avoid online shopping– Shopping online does not allow your child to get a feel for the shoes you are looking to purchase. It is important that they can walk around in the shoes, and utilize the tips above to ensure that the pair of shoes is comfortable and the proper size. If you ultimately prefer purchasing shoes online, you should still go into the store and get familiar with how different brands of shoes fit your child.

Shoes that do not properly fit your child will cause irritation, and can lead to more severe conditions or injuries. If your child is experiencing foot or ankle pain, it is necessary that you schedule an appointment with the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois today.

Written by Client