The Benefits of Swift Microwave Therapy

For those who suffer from plantar warts, swift microwave therapy is a new treatment option that is highly effective and FDA Approved. While some other treatments for plantar warts can be painful and may not always work, swift wart treatment gets rid of warts quickly and almost painlessly. There are many reasons why a patient may want to remove warts, but specifically plantar warts can be frustrating and difficult to deal with, especially if they are chronic. Wart removal often takes multiple treatments, but it helps if the treatment is fast and does not affect your everyday activities. 

are warts contagiousWhat are Plantar Warts? 

Plantar warts are a type of wart also called a verruca, which grow on the bottom of the feet. These can be very small and grow over time, as they are actually a form of benign tumor. These are strikingly different from other forms of wart. Plantar warts are not raised bumps on the skin like other warts, but grow into the skin of the foot instead. These warts are very recognizable and look somewhat circular, and at times have black dots on the surface or are visible under the surface of the skin. The plantar wart itself is not painful, but walking with it on the base of the foot can be painful, especially as the wart grows. This leads most people to want to remove the wart as it grows larger, or if there are multiple warts on the bottom of the foot. 


The role of HPV in plantar warts is that they are caused by several different strains of HPV. There are over 100 strains of HPV, and many of them are not sexually transmitted, although most people know of HPV as an STI. There are four different forms of HPV that cause plantar warts, which is contagious. Not everyone who is exposed to these strains of HPV will get plantar warts, but they most often occur in children or teenagers, people with weaker immune systems, or people who often walk barefoot in areas where HPV may exist. Developing a plantar wart is preventable, but does not come from high-risk behavior. Usually, most people do not know what causes plantar warts. 

Prevention of Plantar Warts

HPV thrives in moist, damp places, like locker room floors or shared showers. This is why people are encouraged to wear flip-flops or other foot coverings when swimming or showering in a communal area. If you have plantar warts, avoid spreading them when swimming or going into communal places by covering them with a waterproof bandage. Avoid sharing towels, shoes, or socks with others. All warts are contagious, so avoiding spreading them will help others to avoid them as well. This is another reason why wart removal is so important. 

Swift Microwave Therapy
Swift Microwave Therapy

Wart Removal

There are several different forms of wart removal that people can use to get rid of plantar warts. These usually include medication or a procedure. Common medications include a topical application of acid, which can be in various forms. Another common over-the-counter treatment for warts is silver nitrate, which can work for many less serious warts. A common procedure is cryotherapy, which is an application of liquid nitrogen. This freezes the wart and causes it to fall off after several treatments. This may take many applications and does not always work, especially on plantar warts. For particularly stubborn warts, a doctor may need to surgically remove the wart by cutting around them and removing them from the skin. This is usually only done as a last resort if other methods do not work. 

Swift Microwave Therapy Procedure

Swift microwave therapy is a new form of wart removal that works especially well on plantar warts. It uses microwaves delivered through a probe, which heats and destroys the wart. The device itself delivers microwaves to a depth of about 5 millimeters, which doesn’t seem like much, but it can penetrate to the root of most plantar warts. While there are some exceptions, almost everyone can receive swift microwave therapy without concern. Swift wart treatment is also nearly painless. There can be some discomfort during the application of the microwaves, but almost every patient can return to everyday life and start seeing a difference within a few days in the size and form of their plantar wart. 

Process of Swift Microwave Therapy

The process is very simple, as the probe is placed over the plantar wart, and microwaves are applied in a short burst of only a few seconds. This can be slightly uncomfortable, but some patients report a pain reduction even immediately after the application. There are no burns or physical indications of treatment. These sessions are repeated once every 3-4 weeks, until the plantar wart has gone away. Most patients take less than 90 days to see the wart removed completely, but this can depend on the size and severity of the lesion. 

Benefits of Swift Microwave Therapy 

Compared to other wart treatments, swift microwave therapy has many visible benefits. 

  • No broken skin, which means no bandages or dressings;
  • All activities can resume as normal and the patient can even go swimming;
  • Minor discomfort and very few side effects;
  • Swift microwave therapy is measurable compared to other therapies, which are not. 
  • No anesthetic or other numbing is needed compared to other therapies; 

And many other benefits that vary from person to person. This therapy is also extremely effective and works quickly and simply. 

Swift technology for wartsMake an Appointment

If you are struggling with plantar warts and want to get them removed, make an appointment today! There are so many benefits to Swift microwave therapy, and there are other options if you are not approved for it. Many times, plantar warts can cause gait issues and other problems as well, which should be addressed by a podiatrist. Every person deserves to have a happier, healthier life. Swift microwave therapy is just one other way to help improve and benefit patients’ lives in a real way, without painful or difficult solutions. Make an appointment today and get started on your journey! 

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