The Benefits of Swift Microwave Therapy

The Benefits of Swift Microwave Therapy

If you have stubborn and persistent soft tissue lesions, such as plantar warts or verruca warts, one of the most effective current treatments you can take advantage of is Swift microwave therapy. This type of revolutionary treatment continues to grow in popularity among podiatrists and their patients as a fast treatment option that doesn’t affect your daily activities as other, less effective treatments can. Various types of warts, including those this therapy treats, can become chronic and require multiple treatments by other means. In this article, we’ll discuss what verrucas look like, the appearance and details of verrucas healing, and the top benefits of Swift microwave therapy.

Swift Microwave Therapy

What Do Verrucas Look Like?

There are several types of warts that are common afflictions, including filiform, flat, periungual, palmar, plantar, and verruca warts. These kinds of warts can appear in various places on the body, often referenced by their name, such as plantar warts, which develop on the soles of a person’s feet. However, verruca warts develop on various areas of the fingers, hands, knees, and the soles of the feet. You may have this type of wart if it looks like small, round lumps that have an appearance resembling a cauliflower cluster. If your specific verruca wart begins to grow on a weight-bearing area, it may also have a rough, flat, and crumbly surface.

Verruca warts can sometimes appear with tiny black dots in their center area. You can have a cluster, such as that resembling a cauliflower cluster, or you can have a single wart. It may be hard to determine whether you have a corn or a verruca wart, as they can be similar in appearance. While this specific type of wart is more common in young people and children, you can have an increased likelihood of developing one if you travel around wet areas that are frequently exposed to other people’s bare feet or if you pass through some of the same exposed areas with bare feet. Some people can develop one or more verruca warts, while others never have a wart of this kind.

Verruca Healing

The hard skin that grows on top of verruca warts can cause pain as well as the wart itself if it happens to be in a location frequently exposed to friction and rubbing actions, such as during daily activities. When you develop one or more of these warts, the lifespan is usually around two years if left untreated. Some can take a longer time to go away than others. Some treatments can increase the possibility of your wart becoming more painful or spreading, so it’s important to speak with your podiatrist to receive the proper treatment for your condition. For example, pharmacy plasters, creams, and sprays may take up to three months to treat verrucas and not facilitate proper, lasting healing.

While they can remain present for up to two years after their initial development, you can begin to tell that a verruca is healing when it changes color. Verruca healing pictures often demonstrate this color change as a wart turning black. This color change to black usually indicates that blood flow to the affected area is now cut off. As it heals and grows smaller, the affected area often shows less irritation. Verruca healing pictures usually show the skin returning to its normal, consistent coloring with no abnormal yellow or white coloration to indicate that a wart is still present on the body part. You can often see the affected area of the body returning to normal more quickly with a Swift microwave treatment.

swift treatmentSwift Verruca Treatment

Swift microwave therapy continues to be a leading treatment for verruca warts, with many patients seeing and feeling the impactful results more quickly than with other treatment methods. You can effectively treat the human papillomavirus, or HPV, that causes verruca warts with the heating of Swift microwave devices. A few different strains of human papillomavirus cause verruca warts. Other treatment methods for verrucas include over-the-counter ointments and gels containing salicylic acid, verruca needling, cryotherapy, silver nitrate, electrocautery, and surgery. However, several of these treatment options fail to bring lasting, quality relief for this type of wart, especially in more severe cases.

When you’re looking for quality, lasting relief from verruca warts, Swift microwave therapy can provide an ideal solution. A Swift verruca treatment is a non-invasive treatment option to effectively eliminate warts. It’s an FDA-approved, sustainable solution that can remove your warts and prevent new warts from developing in the future. Swift microwave therapy uses cutting-edge technology as it transmits small doses of microwave energy to the affected area with the use of a specialized probe. This specialized probe stimulates a natural response from your immune system to target and treat the underlying human papillomavirus.

Top Benefits of Swift Microwave Therapy

As Swift microwave therapy addresses and treats the root cause of verruca warts instead of just the surface symptoms, there are a number of impactful benefits you can take advantage of with this option. Not only does this treatment option provide quality, lasting relief from verruca warts, but it’s also a quick and low-pain option. Patients report the ability to continue daily activities right after this therapy. Swift microwave therapy delivers a two-second energy dose, putting you on the path to a higher quality of life in a short time.

The level of pain the majority of patients feel after a Swift microwave therapy treatment is equivalent to that of a minor injection or scratch. When you undergo this therapy method, you may feel a minor degree of soreness that’s not strong enough to impair or restrict your ability to participate in daily activities. Any discomfort typically lasts only a few seconds at the time of treatment.

Swift technology for wartsExperience the Benefits of Swift Microwave Therapy Today

When you have a persistent or uncomfortable verruca wart, lasting relief is available. To experience the benefits of Swift microwave therapy today, contact the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois.

Written by Ali Hyderi