SWIFT® Technology and Its Use on Warts?

SWIFT Technology is becoming the talk of the “foot” world, in particular when it comes to the treatment of warts. 

Because feet often get unsightly and sometimes painful warts, it’s important to review how this new treatment works and why it is being used. We are reviewing SWIFT® Technology and answering some of the common questions surrounding it. 

What Exactly is SWIFT® Technology and How Does It Work?

This is a revolutionary new technology that uses microwave energy. This energy is delivered through a special probe which is directly applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue(s). Because of its precise and highly controlled energy dosage, it is proving to be highly effective. 

The energy can reach several millimeters below the surface of the skin. The microwave energy then travels into the tissue causing water molecules to collide. This in turn causes the temperature of the tissue to heat up. Heat leads to cell destruction.  As cells are destroyed so is the damage. 

Many patients are seeing success just after one treatment, though between 1 to 4 sessions are recommended. Learn more about the therapy at Foot & Ankle Specialists of Illinois. 

Is SWIFT Technology Painful?

Truthfully pain levels, like most treatments, vary from patient to patient. While most treatments for plantar warts come with reported minor discomfort, the same is expected with SWIFT Technology. 

When patients have been asked the common sensation for people undergoing this treatment have said the pain is similar to an injection or a scratch. 

Having said that, the sensation lasts 2-3 seconds and then subsides. 

Is there Downtime Needed and Is Anyone Eligible?

The treated area may be sore after, however, there is generally no downtime needed. Patients are allowed to return to normal activities after the treatment. 

With a few exceptions, most people with plantar warts would be eligible to have this treatment. Prior to a treatment we recommend having a consultation with us to assess the need, amount of treatments needed, and so forth. 

What Are The Benefits In Using SWIFT Technology for Treatment of Plantar Warts

To summarize, let’s review the key benefits of using this treatment for warts. 

  1. Shorter Treatment Times – Microwaves deliver rapid internal heat generation, therefore not needing a long treatment time. 
  2. Precision – Microwave energy can be delivered to an exact area of predetermined depth, creating accurate and precise destruction of plantar warts.
  3. Safety Innovation –  this technology comes with built-in thermal management and measurement technologies. This means that the system has been put through testing to provide the highest safety standards. 
  4. Disposable Applicator Tips – The applicator is designed to have a disposable tip, which eliminates the need for sterilization of the machine or any risk of cross-contamination.

Any more questions? Contact us, we are always here to help. 

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