Suffering From Heel Pain?

Runners often suffer from heel pain at some point in their running career. We often find that it is common for these people to ignore heal pain, sometimes letting it go on for an extended period of time. While many refuse to give in to the pain, seeking help or treatment for it, it can become a serious issue down the road.

What Causes Heel Pain?

Heel pain, which is also referred to ad plantar fasciitis, occurs when the plantar fasciitis tendon becomes too tight or inflamed, often causing stabbing pains in the arch, especially in the morning or when running or standing for a period of time.

When to Seek Help?

There are several things you can do once you recognize you are experiencing heel pain, such as the following:

  • Take time to rest. Rest can help to reduce inflammation and pain and give the heel time to heal. However, this means absolutely no running, walking, biking, swimming, etc.
  • Ice your injury. By rolling your arch over ice, you can help to reduce inflammation.
  • Perform adequate stretching. From the minute you get out of bed, to before you exercise, perform plenty of stretching exercises throughout the day.
  • Wear your shoes. It is important to avoid going barefoot and wear the appropriate shoes that provide sufficient support, especially where your foot bends. This will support your arch and heel, reducing further injury.

If you have tried the above and are still suffering form heel pain, it is critical that you visit the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois. Dr. Hyderi can help to determine your particular issue, providing you with the best treatment solution for your foot pain.


Written by Client