Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are small cracks in a bone that are caused by repetitive force, often from overuse — such as continuously jumping or running long distances. You can develop stress fractures from normal everyday use of a weakened bone or due to conditions such as osteoporosis.

Stress fractures commonly in the weight-bearing bones of the leg and foot. People who carry heavy packs over long distances or subject their body to repeated impact for long durations are at highest risk, but anyone can sustain a stress fracture. If you start a new exercise routine, for example, you might develop stress fractures if you perform tasks that your body isn’t accustomed to.

Are You At Risk Of Stress Fractures

Factors that can increase your risk of stress fractures include:

Malnutrition: Not getting enough of the essential nutrients like calcium can lead to weak or at risk bone density.

Preexisting Foot Conditions:  Flat feet or high arches are more likely to lead to stress fractures. Improper footwear contributes to the problem.

High impact sports. Stress fractures are more common in people who engage in high-impact sports, such as track and field, basketball or tennis.

Weakened bones. Conditions such as osteoporosis can weaken your bones and make it easier for stress fractures to occur.

Previous stress fractures: If you’ve suffered a stress fracture in the past, you are at a higher risk of recurring fractures.

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