Signs your Injury Should be Treated by a Doctor

Everyone likes to feel like they have accomplished something they never thought they could have, whether it be running a marathon or starting a business. However, it is typically smart to not try to heal and take care of a foot, ankle, or leg injury on your own just for some satisfaction, especially since it will never come because you did not know how to care for the injury.

You should always place your health and safety first and your pride second. If any of the following symptoms apply to you, it is imperative to your foot’s longevity you get it check out. If:

  • you can see a bone that has broken through your skin, you should go to the emergency room, not to us.
  • the area surrounding the injury is discolored or appears to be heavily bruised, make an appointment.
  • the shape of the injury is in any way out of the norm (i.e. bulging, sharp, etc.), get it checked out.
  • the injury appears to be broken, get it checked out as soon as possible. Speed is of the essence to minimize the chance of having surgery for a broken bone.
  • you are having to endure a great deal of pain that is not typical, set up an appointment to have the injury looked at by a professional.
  • there is a lot of swelling in a short period of time, set up an appointment.

Your health is far more important than your pride and sense of accomplishment. Many foot, ankle, and leg injuries, if left untreated, can easily transform into injuries far worse than they initially are, especially if they are treated incorrectly by an untrained person.

Written by Client