Should Your Shoes Be Replaced?

Shoes play an essential role in keeping your feet safe and healthy. However, when you aren’t investing in a good pair of shoes that are not only right for your activity, but fit your feet properly, then you can fall victim to potential injuries.

There are several ways you can determine if your shoes should be replaced, including the following:

You are suffering from corns, calluses, or blisters. When you suffer from corns, calluses, or blisters, these foot conditions often suggest that there is unequal pressure or excessive friction in that specific area of your foot. And while most people don’t think that these issues aren’t anything to be worried about, these can affect the joints in your feet, leading to bigger issues down the road.

You are suffering from achy arches. If you are experiencing achy arches then you are likely suffering from a sign that your shoes aren’t fitting your foot properly, and are likely too big. When your shoes are too big, the muscles in your feet tighten in order to keep your arch up, preventing your shoes from moving or sliding off. However, with this excessive strain on your arch you are creating issues with the tendon under your arch, often leading to the development of plantar fasciitis.

Your feet are wet. Wet feet when wearing your shoes is can be an indication of potential issues. Whether your feet may be wet due to sweat, or from a hole in your shoe, wet feet can lead to friction, causing rashes and blisters, often contributing to other potential issues.

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Written by Client