Prevent Warts From Spreading With These Helpful Tips

Warts are very tiny firm bumps on the skin that are caused by viruses from the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. Warts are very contagious and can be spread easily through close physical contact .

Since warts are most commonly found on the school-aged children, it is important that you try to prevent warts from spreading in your household with these helpful tips:

  • Avoid walking barefoot. Avoid walking barefoot and keeping feet covered and protected in any public areas that have the risk of being infested by the wart virus, including showers, pool areas, and locker rooms, which are all especially hazardous when it comes to warts.
  • Disinfect and clean common areas in your home. In order to prevent the wart virus from spreading in your home, be sure to keep areas like showers and bathroom floors clean and disinfected regularly.
  • Disinfect shoes. It is also helpful to remember to disinfect your family’s shoes, as this is a popular area for the wart virus to linger.
  • Wash your hands and feet regularly. Be sure everyone is washing their hands and skin regularly, which will help to kill any viruses you may not be able to see.
  • Keep cuts clean. Even the smallest cuts and scratches can make a person more vulnerable to warts. If your child or someone else in your household has any open sores, be sure they are washing regularly with soap and water, especially since open wounds are more susceptible to contracting the wart virus.

If you or your child are suffering from warts, be sure to consult with your podiatrist to ensure you are treating them properly.

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Written by Client