Precautions To Prevent Foot Issues

Are you suffering from foot issues such as corns, warts, ingrown toenails, and athlete’s foot? If so, you need to be taking the necessary precautions to preventing any potential foot and medical issues from developing down the road:

1. Clean your feet. Dirt and bacteria can cause your feet to become irritated, often causing infections in those areas that are exposed to the dirt and bacteria. To prevent these infections, it is important to clean your feet daily, removing any hard spots or callused areas with a pumice stone or a foot file.

2. Keep your feet dry. Athlete’s foot loves a sweaty foot, typically growing in between the toes. This is why it is critical to ensure that you are not only cleaning your feet regularly, but also keeping the areas on your feet dry, especially between the toes, preventing the germs from Athlete’s Foot from breeding.

3. Trim your toenails. Be sure to carefully cut your toenails regularly, keeping your toenails cut straight across, and not at an angle, helping to prevent ingrown toenails or the growth of toenail fungus from occurring.

4. Wear the right shoes. It is super important that you are wearing shoes that are appropriate for your particular activity you are participating in. From running, to walking and standing, to backpacking, comfortable shoes play an intricate role in preventing injuries, as well as providing the right support and comfort for your feet.

5. Wear socks. Just as shoes are important in your foot’s health, socks are just as important. Be sure to wear the right socks for your activity, as well as change your socks daily, ensuring you are only wearing clean socks. This is key in helping to keep foot odors from becoming a problem.

6. Keep your feet protected from public places. When using a public gym, swimming pool, or any other public facility, it is very important to keep your feet covered and protected. This will help to prevent your feet from coming into contact with germs and bacteria, especially from contracting things such as plantar warts and athlete’s foot.

If you are suffering from any sort of foot ailment, be sure to contact Dr. Hyderi and the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois to learn how we can help you get back on your feet today!