How to Treat Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are a very painful condition that result from human papillomavirus (HPV), you can form these noncancerous warts on the soles of your feet that enter in your body through cuts to develop on your heels or balls of your feet. Many people have not heard of plantar warts, however, most people will contract warts sometime throughout their teenage years, especially if they are involved in athletics. It is essential to know what the warning signs of plantar warts are, as well as the possible treatments to eliminate the growths from your body.

Warning Signs of Plantar Warts:

– Small, grainy bumps on the soles of your feet
– Thickened skin where the wart has grown inward
– Black dots (small clotted blood vessels)
– Pain when applying pressure to your feet
– A rough surface area of your skin

Despite the fact that plantar warts are fairly common, the condition usually cannot be treated with home remedies and rest. Generally, you will have to go visit your podiatrist in order to treat and remove the warts from your feet.

Treatment of Plantar Warts:

What You Can Do:

– Avoid direct contact with your warts
– Change your socks on a daily basis
– Avoid walking barefoot in locker rooms or swimming pools

Medical Procedures

Cryotherapy, freezing your warts is one of the most common and effective ways to remove plantar warts.
Salicylic Acid, patches covered in this solution will peel off the plantar warts. In a 4 week time period the infected skin should be removed and back to normal.
Laser Surgery, specialized doctors have the ability to use multiple lasers in order to eliminate warts that are hard to remove.
Medications, if none of the above options worked, then your doctor may inject a medication called bleomycin which will rid the virus. This type of treatment is used in extreme cases because it can cause pain and itching to the patient.

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