How To Treat A Blister

Our feet go through strenuous exertion on a daily basis. When we wear socks it can create friction on certain spots of our feet that can cause fluid to collect between the upper and lower layers of the skin. This can also happen if you have a hardback to your shoe, or you buy new shoes and want to break them in, that can cause blisters to form as well since your feet are not used to it.


Never pop your blisters under any circumstances! Yes, you will have the need to, but remember you are going through layers of skin to drain the blister. It will cause significant pain and you’ll have an open sore. If you pop your blister, you won’t be able to wear shoes until it was healed, or covered up good, because then you can cause more irritation and possibly an infection if not taken care of properly which could lead to serious damage on your feet and ankles.


If you start to develop a blister that can’t be safely treated at home, make an appointment with Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois today. They will take care of the blister with the proper tools, and suggest you wear different pair shoes to help prevent any more irritation.

Written by Client