How To Prevent Toenail Fungus

With spring just starting, your foot may be exposed to tiny cuts from walking barefoot, which can cause toenail fungus. Some may ask how can they tell if they possibly have a toenail fungus infection, it can be determined in many ways. Symptoms of this includes your toenails breaking easier, brittleness, and nail discoloration with a slight yellow tone.

It is essential to know how to treat toenail fungus, the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois have some important tips on how to treat this which include:

– Antifungal prescription
– Removal of the infected area (not whole nail)
– Prescription nail polish
– A topical cream that goes on the infected area of your toe
– Surgical removal if none of the above works

It is important to keep your feet healthy and clean to avoid going through any of the treatments above. Preventions of toenail fungus includes the following:

Keep your feet dry – To prevent toenail fungus and other infections, it is essential to keep your feet dry at all times, besides cleaning. It is especially crucial in the winter to avoid wet shoes and wear tall boots in the snow. Fungus tends to grow warm and compact areas, and your toes are the most weak spot for this to take place. If it is difficult to keep your feet dry, there are powders and prescriptions provided by your doctor that will help.

Clean your feet and change socks – It is important to clean your feet on a regular basis, it is recommended to wash your feet when you shower at least once a day. Cleaning your feet is one of the most effective ways to prevent toenail fungus and other infections. Changing your socks everyday, especially if you sweat easy, will help prevent the cause of this infection. It is recommended to invest in moisture wicking socks for those who built mpsiture up easily.

Wear the most suitable shoes for you – Whether your shoes are too tight or comfortable, both of these are major causes of toenail fungus. If you do not have space for your toes to move around, then you have a higher chance of contracting an infection. The more moisture that builds up in your shoe, the more likely you are to get toenail fungus. You should invest in a nice pair of comfortable shoes that are the most suitable for you.

Trim your nails regularly – On a regular basis, you should trim your toenails with a toenail clipper. Do NOT use your fingers to get rid of your toenail, this can lead to a cut which is very easy for an infection to be contracted.

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Written by Client