How To Keep Your Feet Healthy While Running

With winter nearing closer and closer everyday, runners are able to get the last of the nice weather for them to run in. However, with the cold breezes and gusts of wind Autumn brings, it is easy to hurt your foot and ankle when you are running. It is important for you to take proper care of your feet and ankles before, during, and after your runs to prevent the possibility of avoidable injuries. The Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois has some helpful tips to keep your feet healthy:

Pick the best shoe for you: When deciding to go out for a run, it is essential for you to have the most suitable pair of shoes for you. This means your shoes fit correctly and you have comfort while running. You do not want to run in shoes that are not comfortable, this can lead to blisters, bunions, and stress fractures.

Add in custom orthotics: A great option for you to invest in if your shoes do not fit the best would be orthotics. You will feel instant results in each step when you purchase some custom orthotics for your shoe to provide additional support and comfort.

Keep your feet clean and healthy: When you are running for a long period of time, you usually contract some sweat. In addition, those who generally sweat a lot are at risk for fungal infections in their feet. In order to prevent this, you should clean and keep your feet dry as much as you can. Change your socks everyday and never run in wet shoes.

Moisturize your feet regularly: If you are a runner, you have most likely experienced dry skin on your feet. This is a serious problem than can quickly lead to cracking and bleeding in the spots you have dry skin. It is essential for runners to moisturize their feet every day, especially after bathing or showering. This will keep the skin on your feet smooth and moisturize and will prevent the risk of avoidable issues.

React to your complications immediately: If you run into a problem with your feet, you have to tend to it right away to prevent further serious problems. If it is a blister or a hurt ankle, it is crucial for you to take care of the injury to ensure a fast recovery. If your issue does not recover with the care you provided, it is time to visit your podiatrist.

For more information or questions about how to keep your running feet healthy, contact the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois today.

Written by Client