How to Handle Diabetic Foot

People affected from diabetes are at a major risk to suffer from diabetic foot problems. These complications occur when there is an increase in the blood sugar levels which will initiate poor blood circulation in the feet, this is known as neuropathy. This condition can lead to patients losing their feelings in the feet, which will result in not being able to feel pain and sensation of the temperature changes.

If diabetic foot is left untreated, it may result in the following:

Death of the tissues
Damaged blood vessels

It is important receive medical help right away if you notice any ulcers or severe pain in the foot.

In order to prevent diabetic foot from occurring, here are some essential tips to guarantee you prevent from diabetic foot from happening:

Have control over your diabetes: It is key to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle to ensure your diabetes is under control. It starts with eating healthy and exercising on the regular.
Checkups regularly: With having diabetes, it is very important to consistently check your feet for issues, such as cuts, sores, bruising, and burns.
Wear proper footwear: In order to prevent injuries occurring to your feet, it is essential to wear socks and shoes and refrain from walking barefoot.
Moisturize and clean your feet: To eliminate the probability of infections and other issues, you should clean your feet regularly, as well as apply lotion to prevent dryness.
Keep the circulation at its highest: To keep your blood circulating through your feet, exercising will prevent the possibility of blood circulation being cut off to your feet.

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Written by Client