Don´t Start Each Day Out on the Wrong Foot

Tips for Keeping Healthy and Active Feet:
Most of the activities that people do in their everyday lives would not be possible without active feet and ankles. Helping your feet stay healthy is not only essential to completing everyday activities, like walking and working, but it enables you to do the things you love to the fullest of your potential, like running or working out, dancing, and other hobbies you may have. Here we have different tips on how to support your feet, so you can start each day off on the right foot.

Stretch on an everyday basis- Stretching regularly prevents tight calf muscles, which result in different kinds of foot and ankle injuries

Wear the appropriate shoes- Wearing shoes that fit is important for the prevention of multiple foot problems such as calluses, bunions, and crossover toe
Start off easy when it comes to new activities- Beginning new activities with high intensity makes you prone to foot injuries. Always warm up and gradually get more intense when being engaged in a high level activity

Good Hygiene is key- The best way to prevent bacterial foot infections is to thoroughly wash and dry your feet.

Don’t let minor pain slide- Bearing with small ankle and foot pain in hopes that it goes away is something people tend to do, but that can result in  severe injury. Seek help from a professional to prevent further injury.

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Written by Client