Changing of Seasons: Joint Pain

With the temperature decreasing every day, people are zipping up their jackets and wearing extra layers of clothing. However, this is not the only thing the change of weather brings. Foot joint pain has been proven to increase as it gets colder outside. The culprit of this is barometric pressure, also known as atmospheric pressure, which is the air force exerted onto the Earth’s surface. If the pressure changes, it will cause foot joint pain in some people. In order to prevent foot joint, our team at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois has some tips for you.

Use heat: If your feet are aching with quick inflammation, then it is essential to use heat therapy to relieve the pain.

Utilize cold packs: It is important to use cold packs when your feet feel sore and painful when moving. If your joint area starts to swell, then using a cold pack every 15-20 minutes will reduce the swelling and pain.

Get a foot massage
: Getting a massage seems silly and counterproductive, however, it will relieve the pain in your joint. This will reduce tension, foot pain, and will improve the circulation of blood throughout the foot.

Wear comfortable footwear
: Wearing the proper footwear when experiencing joint pain will lessen the severity of the pain. You should wear shoes with a wide toe box to ensure your foot is not cramped in your footwear. This will create less problems by providing more comfort, arch support, and creating more ample room.

If you are still experiencing arising pain in your foot and joint, then it is time to call your podiatrist. For more information, contact us today at the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois.

Written by Client