Did you know that foot and ankle injuries are amongst the most common types of injuries in the workplace?

Injuries of this sort, or in auto accidents include:

  • broken ankles, 
  • strains in the ligaments, 
  • twists, or crush injuries. 

If you suffered foot or ankle injuries on the job these injuries should be compensable through workers’ compensation. 

If you have suffered these injuries in an auto accident, these injuries should be compensable through your auto insurance. 

In either case, treatments are needed and we can work with the worker’s compensation and auto accident insurance claims to ensure you get taken care of physically. 

Why Do I Need To Get Treatment?

Your feet and ankles are needed for daily activities and walking or moving. Suffering from  foot and ankle injury can bring on a lot of hardship. 

Prolonged untreated injuries can require you to change your job duties or not work at all. This is why oftentimes insurance will pay for your physical therapy. This is also why the United States has workers’ compensation systems in place; to provide benefits to workers injured or made sick on the job. The same goes for auto insurance. 

What Should I Do If I Have Been Injured?

You should let your employer/auto insurance know of an accidental injury or illness within 45 days. Always include a description of the injury or illness and include your contact information. 

For work injuries you have 3years from hurting your foot or ankle on the job, or within 2 years of the last workers’ compensation payment, whichever is later, to file your workers’ compensation claim. If your disability gets worse, and you did not resolve the case through an approved lump sum settlement, you can reopen your case within 30 months of an award being made. 

After reporting the injury you should be given a handbook or information on procedures and benefits. 

When you get treatments, you will be able to claim the cost of the treatments and get compensated. Please let your treatment provider know this is a part of a worker’s compensation claim or an auto accident injury claim. 


How Do I Know If I am Covered?

An employer’s insurance company pays workers’ compensation benefits, but it is your obligation to file a claim for workers’ compensation. In Illinois, any necessary medical services needed to fix or relieve the effects of an injury or illness should be covered by the workers’ compensation system. Some employers may have Preferred Provider Program services as well. 

For auto accidents, you will be covered if you pay for auto insurance, you need to make a claim to your insurance broker on any accident, especially if it results in injury. 

If you have been injured, it’s imperative to be looked at, treated, and take time to heal. Do not neglect reporting your injury and always seek help. 

Wishing you a speedy recovery, and always remember that we are here to help

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