Foot and Ankle Specialist in Elgin

Ankle and foot pain can make standing, walking, and running more difficult, so if you currently have any of these symptoms, it is essential to see a foot and ankle specialist in Elgin as soon as possible for ankle and foot pain relief. The Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois are experts in comprehensive foot care in Elgin. Our expert podiatrists work with patients to better ensure their feet and ankles remain functionally sound and healthy.

Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care

footandankle logo iconWhen you’re seeking the best podiatrist in Elgin, come to the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois. At the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois in Elgin, you’ll experience a full array of services, from treatments for bunions, foot pain, and sprains, to reconstructive surgery, diabetic care management, and wound care services to thoroughly address all of your ankle and foot pain relief requirements.

The Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois’s physicians remain committed to assisting our patients in healing using as possible noninvasive means and only providing surgery as necessary. You deserve unmatched care when looking for the best podiatrist in Elgin. They strive to develop the best therapy option to enable you to live an active and full lifestyle. When seeking a board-certified foot and ankle specialist in Elgin, you deserve a team excelling in treating common foot and ankle issues, such as hammertoes and plantar fasciitis, as well as more severe conditions like neuromas and arthritis. Additionally, they provide conservative treatments like activity modification and custom orthotics and offer surgery services for more severe injuries to correct your pain safely and quickly.

They are trained to conduct comprehensive diagnostic exams and treat various ankle and foot injuries and conditions, such as sprains, arthritis, and bunions. Reconstructive surgery to correct foot fractures is also available.

Best Podiatrist in Elgin

foot bunionsThe best podiatrists in Elgin have some of the top podiatric medical facilities in the area for foot care. They provide everything from routine checkups and relief for foot and ankle issues to cutting-edge diabetic therapies and minimally invasive surgery. 

The best foot and ankle specialists in Elgin are available to provide you with all these services, along with paperwork and insurance questions assistance and patient advocacy–connect with our office today so you can receive genuinely unparalleled foot care from one of our highly qualified and caring providers. Let our staff help with medical paperwork. Our Elgin podiatrists can guide you through any associated processes so you can return to enjoying life to its fullest.

Dr. Zehra Hyderi

Dr Zehra HyderiAs one of the best podiatrists in Elgin, Dr. Zehra Hyderi attended the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, where she earned her medical degree. She furthered her education and medical and surgical residencies at Hines VA Hospital, Loyola University Medical Center, and College Hospital Costa Mesa. She also received a podiatric preceptorship at the Dr. Cortese Foot & Ankle Clinic in Normal, IL.

Dr. Hyderi is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association, and the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. When Dr. Zehra Hyderi is not assisting her patients, she is actively performing research, aiding in publication developments, and training other podiatrists and physicians throughout the country to use advanced techniques and treatments for effective ankle and foot care.



Dr. Stephanie Gray

Dr. Stephanie GrayDr. Gray is ready to treat patients from every walk of life.  She pursues a personal connection with patients to ensure satisfaction and quality in her podiatric care. Dr. Gray sees beyond traditional interventions by incorporating nutrition, physical fitness, and total wellness into her individualized treatments.

Dr. Gray obtained her medical degree from Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. As chief resident, she completed a comprehensive three-year surgical reconstructive ankle and foot residency at Ascension St. John Hospital. Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Dr. Stephanie Gray attended Northern Michigan University for her undergraduate education and was also a competitive college swimmer.

Dr. Gray is an expert surgeon trained in rear foot, mid-foot, and total ankle replacement surgeries. She is proficient in ankle and foot reconstruction and has received comprehensive training in treating severe hammertoes, bunions, and other forefoot deformities.  

Foot Pain Relief

foot pain on top of footIf you’re not prepared to see a foot and ankle specialist in Elgin, several at-home remedies may help ease your existing foot pain and give your feet lasting relief. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium, can relieve pain and help manage long-term foot inflammation. If these do not reduce or even worsen the discomfort, connecting with an Elgin podiatrist is essential. 

Wear shoes that provide comfort and support, such as those with moderate to low heels, good arch support, thick soles, and extra cushioning–it can help ease pain related to heel spurs bone abnormalities and bunion conditions. Stretches for the calf muscles, Achilles tendon, and plantar fascia can reduce pain and swelling in these areas. 

If your pain affects your daily activities or negatively affects your work and social life, engaging in an expert evaluation is essential. A podiatrist can examine your condition, identify its source, and advise treatments. Switching up your mode of transportation can also relieve foot pain.

Contact the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois Today

foot ankle specialists illinoisElgin podiatrists can help keep your feet happy, healthy, and pain-free. They provide treatments for injuries to the ankles and feet. They offer arthroscopic procedures to replace or repair damaged tendons and ligaments in your ankle or foot and insert custom orthotics to enhance gait patterns and relieve strain on muscles and joints. 

The ankles and feet are among the most complex structures in your body, supporting all your weight through an intricate system of tendons, bones, ligaments, and muscle attachments. When seeking a foot and ankle specialist in Elgin, you deserve the very best. The Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois provide access to an expert team of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing optimal treatment, no matter your current health. Our team will thoroughly explain condition intricacies and provide tailored recommendations, from non-invasive options to more invasive procedures at every stage of healing.

If you have the symptoms and signs of foot or ankle injuries, contact our office today to make an appointment and receive treatment. Your ankles and feet are integral parts of the human body, so having access to high-quality foot care providers is vital for your overall wellness.