Lance B.

I love Dr. Hyderi! After going to another clinic for 8 months that never took an x-ray when I complained of foot pain - they just felt it was plantar fasciitis and pumped me up with Cortisone - Dr. Hyderi x-rayed me and based on what she saw, she had me go in immediately for an MRI. I was diagnosed with a fractured heal bone, bone spurs, a torn ligament and a torn tendon - I still remember her coming in and saying "I have no idea how you are walking". I was so relieved to finally have some answers and after some time in an air cast and physical therapy I'm now nearly pain free. I say nearly because I just today went in and had her yank out my life-long nemesis, my in-grown toenails. The entire partial matrixectomy took like 15 mins and she kept me laughing through it I didn't even realize she had done it. HIGHLY recommend!