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How To Prevent Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are foot and ankle injuries that are typically caused by the overuse of bones and joints, especially when it comes to running or athletic activities. By over using running shoes, failing to use the appropriate footwear for your activity, or simply overdoing certain activities […]

Common Foot Myths

Your feet and ankles play an important role in your everyday life, so it is critical that you understand what is true or not when it comes to their care. Here are some of the most common foot myths, and the truths behind them: Myth: […]

Staying Safe This Winter

Winter is quickly approaching, and that means many snow and ice related injuries. Here are some tips to stay safe, especially while shoveling snow: Wear the appropriate clothing. This not only means wearing layers that you can remove when you get too warm, but wearing water-repellent […]

Common Foot Injuries

As a podiatrist, I see and treat a variety of foot and ankle injuries. However, these are the most common foot injuries and their symptoms: Bunions Perhaps the most common foot issue these days, bunions are commonly found on people who over-pronate, relying on their […]