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The Issue With Flat Feet

Flat feet often result from a collapsed arch. When standing, the sole of your foot should not touch the ground completely. However, with a fallen arch, your foot rolls inwards causing your entire sole to touch, or come close to, touching the ground. The Issue with Flat […]

Tips To Prevent Dry Feet

With the harsh and dry winter months, many people find their skin losing moisture and becoming flaky and cracked, especially when it comes to their feet. In order to prevent dry feet, here are some helpful tips to restore moisture, keeping them healthy during the dry months: […]

Treating Athlete’s Foot

With the start of school in the coming months also comes the beginning of many athletic programs and activities. With these activities, such as football and soccer, many people will find themselves battling a common foot issue…athlete’s foot. What Is Athlete’s Foot? Athlete’s foot is […]