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Preventing Foot Issues During The Summer Time

Summer time usually means there is more time for going outside and being active, and with this also comes a higher risk of foot injuries. Foot injuries and infections that could occur from a higher rate of physical activity in the warm weather include but are not

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Treating Athlete’s Foot

With the start of school in the coming months also comes the beginning of many athletic programs and activities. With these activities, such as football and soccer, many people will find themselves battling a common foot issue…athlete’s foot. What Is Athlete’s Foot? Athlete’s foot is a skin

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How Your Favorite NFL Players Stay Ahead On The Right Foot

With the 52nd Super Bowl concluding yesterday, your favorite NFL players played hard and got into a lot of contact. This relates back to your foot and ankle because they stayed ahead of the game by preparing their feet and ankles before the game. It is essential

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