Comprehensive Foot Care

When it comes to caring for your feet and treating any medical issues you may be experiencing, the Foot and Ankle Specialists of Illinois are here to help, specializing in comprehensive foot care. From have painful calluses, bunions, running injuries, to arch and heel pain, Dr. Hyderi guarantees to provide you with the highest quality of care in order to help you feel better, getting you back on your feet.

In order to begin an effective treatment plan, we use the latest technology in order to establish a diagnosis. With the use of digital x-rays, diagnostic ultra-sounds, and MRIs, we can quickly understand the medical issue, beginning a prompt plan of care.

Our treatment options vary, depending on your particular medical needs. From more conservative treatments, to custom orthotics, to surgical options, Dr. Hyderi will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan, helping you to resume your everyday activities as quickly as possible.