Depending on what kind of foot/ankle problem you have, you may be an ideal candidate for an injection in order to stimulate healing of the damaged tissues;

Interfyl Human Connective Tissue Matrix Injection

This is a unique type of injection; it replaces or supplements damaged or inadequate integumental tissue. The injection effectively provides a scaffold and functionally allows for increased mechanical and structural support while incorporating biochemical extracellular matrix components into devoid areas.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection

Unlike other types of restorative or therapeutic injection therapy, platelet rich plasma (i.e. PRP) is quite unique in that it uses a patient’s own blood in order to accelerate healing of damaged soft tissue structures. For this injection, your blood is drawn in the office and it is spun down in a centrifuge to separate it into its individual components. The plasma component is gently drawn into an injection tube and it is subsequently injected into a damaged soft tissue structure. Since it is your own blood, it has all the growth factors and proteins unique to you and responsible for healing, and so there is no concern for rejection.