Ingrown Toenails

Having ingrown toenails while being a child can be very painful. If they are not treated right away or correctly an infection can start. If you start to notice your children having feet problems these issues starting to occur, make an appointment with your pediatric care doctor as soon as possible.

We treat kids with ingrown toenails every year, and we do a painless procedure for our patients. If the toe is tender we make sure that it is completely numb before we start handing the ingrown toenail. Most of our patients say, “That was easy, maybe next time I won’t wait so long.” Once we have removed a very small portion of the nail, your child’s nail should look normal after it’s fully healed.

Having an ingrown toenail, it’s normally resolved fairly quickly, once the portion of the nail is removed. A portion of the nail is removed by the trimming the corner of the nail, or its also called removing the nail back to the cuticle. We use a local anesthetic to lessen the discomfort.

After your child gets his/her ingrown toenail removed it’s not necessary to get an antibiotic. It’s been stated before that antibiotics do not decrease the healing rate, as long as the ingrown nail was removed correctly, your child should have no issues.