Athlete’s Foot

What is Athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot is a commonly occurring foot condition characterized by its persistent itching and burning on the skin of the foot. Often times, this infection festers in-between the toes. Individuals with Athlete’s Foot need to know that it is a very contagious foot condition.

What are the symptoms of athlete’s foot?

Some patients with severe athlete’s foot experience pain, while others with more moderate conditions are completely unaware about their condition.

The most common symptoms for athlete’s foot are dry, peeling skin in between the toes and occasionally spreading to the bottom of the foot. Others symptoms of athlete’s foot include:

  • Rash between toes or on top, bottom, or sides of feet
  • Itching or burning
  • Bleeding or blistering
  • Infection of hands
  • Infection of toenails

What are the causes of athlete’s foot?

Patients can intercept the athlete’s foot from fungus, or from other causes. There are many causes to athlete’s foot, and since it is such a highly contagious infection, often times it spreads from person to person through:

  • Sharing shoes, socks, sandals
  • Public places including pools, fitness clubs, bathrooms
  • Direct or indirect contact with another individual with athlete’s foot
  • Exposing feet to warm, wet environments ideal for promoting fugal growth

What are the possible treatment & prevention options for athlete’s foot?

As athlete’s foot is highly contagious not only to others, but also in regards to spreading to other body parts, it should be treated completely at the same time. Partial treatment of athlete’s foot is less effective as the condition can easily spread and return.

  • Wear dry, cotton socks to keep feet from being exposed to fungus producing environments and also use powders to keep feet safe from moisture.
  • Fungal infections: many can be treated with over the counter, antifungal medication including creams and washes
  • Extreme cases: Oral pills may be needed to supplement the treatment process

If you think you might be suffering from the symptoms of athlete’s foot, please contact us immediately so we can help explore potential treatment options for you.